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Key Sectors

Cincinnati has a wide range of industries and businesses that come together to form a concentrated group of Key Sectors. These companies serve as the backbone for the Cincinnati economy and its continued growth.

Cincinnati is well known for its established key sectors - Aerospace, Automotive, Chemistry & Plastics, and Financial Services. Trending recently however, are emerging sectors that will position Cincinnati well into the future. Advanced Energy, Consumer Products & Creative Services, Information Technology, and Life Sciences industries have grown to become key components in the continuing evolution of Cincinnati's economy.

Advanced Energy

Supported by a strong commitment at the federal and state levels, our region is poised to take advantage of the fast-growing alternative and renewable energy industry. From wind and solar to fuel cells and biofuels, Ohio and the region provide outstanding access to capital and talent for this emerging industry.

Source: Cincinnati USA Partnership


Cincinnati is a key part of the supply chain for many companies in the automotive industry including Honda & Toyota. We are a leader in light vehicle production, with Ohio ranked second nationally (1.9 million vehicles annually), in 2004.


Aerospace firms have focused their attention on Cincinnati for over 100 years. From critical parts to the NASA space missions, to the world's leading manufacturer of large jet engines, Cincinnati boasts a skilled workforce, experienced professionals, and significant technology strengths.

Financial Services

Fifth Third Bancorp, Western Southern Financial Group and American Financial Group are headquartered in downtown Cincinnati. PNC and U.S. Bank also have a major presence downtown.

Source: Cincinnati USA Partnership

Chemistry & Plastics

As a leader in chemical and plastics employment, Cincinnati USA is home to almost 300 businesses involved in the manufacturing of basic and specialty chemicals; pharmaceuticals; soaps and cleaners; flavorings; printing inks; adhesives, paints, and coatings; and plastics and rubber products.

300 businesses involved in the manufacturing of basic and specialty chemicals call Cincinnati home including:

  • Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Kao Brands
  • Givaudan Flavors Corp.
  • Sun Chemical

Source: Cincinnati USA Partnership

Information Technology

Cincinnati USA profits from a robust and diverse IT cluster that includes Fortune 1000 companies, a strong network of highly-rated academic institutions, a number of global IT service providers, world-class infrastructure, and passionate, engaged IT leadership. Many notable technology companies were born in Cincinnati, including Bluespring and Hyperquake, as well as technology-enabled businesses such as Paycor and Convergys.

Source: Cincinnati USA Partnership

Life Sciences

The Cincinnati area has more than 220 businesses with involvement in the research, testing and production of pharmaceutical, medical and agricultural products including:

  • Cincinnati Children's Medical Center
  • P&G Pharmaceutical, Inc.
  • Kendle International, Inc.

Consumer Products & Creative Services

Driving Cincinnati USA's strong consumer services industry and its burgeoning creative services is a strong core of global companies like Procter & Gamble, Kroger's, and Macy's. As importantly, smaller, fast-growing companies like dunnhumby USA and Lightborne Communications are helping tell the story of the region's creative power.

Source: Cincinnati USA Partnership



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