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List of FAQs and Answers

How does TIF work?

In many cases, it is cost prohibitive to build new buildings, or renovate existing ones, due to higher land costs, demolition costs, the cost of environmental remediation, the cost to retrofit utilities, etc. Like many cities, Cincinnati uses tax increment financing (TIF) to help offset the cost of public improvements that are necessary for a project to be built. When something new is built or a building is renovated, the taxable value of that property goes up. Tax Increment Financing anticipates that increase in property value and directs that stream of new property tax revenue to pay for needed public improvements. This is usually achieved through the issuance of bonds, either by the City or the Port Authority (

How do I learn more about the zoning for a particular property?

To determine the zoning for a property, visit To view the zoning code, access Chapter 14 of the Municipal Code at If you have additional questions, please contact Margaret Wuerstle ( in the Department of City Planning and Buildings.

How do I get a liquor license?

Contact the Ohio Division of Liquor Control ( If you are opening a new restaurant and are unable to get a license due to the state's quota system, there are options for transferring an existing license into Cincinnati. To do so, we recommend that you contact a qualified attorney.

I need information on a specific property. Where can I find that?

The Hamilton County Auditor,

I want to do a residential project. Who should I talk to?

Herman Bowling, Manager, Housing Development,

I need a loan to grow my business. Who should I talk to?

Bill Fischer, Manager, Business Development,

I'm not sure if a property is in the city. How can I check?



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