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Cincinnati has continued to outpace the nation in expanded facilities. In 2011, Site Selection Magazine ranked Cincinnati #6 in the nation among “tier-one” cities for its number of new and expanded facilities. Additionally, Ohio won the Governor's Cup for the most expanded facilities.

Brownfield Redevelopment

City of Cincinnati staff can help you access resources and incentives to assist with real estate redevelopment projects

Infrastructure Assistance

City of Cincinnati staff can help you to access these and other resources and incentives to assist with real estate redevelopment projects


Businesses expanding in or relocating to the City of Cincinnati are eligible for several incentive programs. Some of these programs reduce annual operating costs, and in so doing, provide businesses direct cost reductions.

The City of Cincinnati has four tax incentive programs

Job Creation Tax Credits

Cincinnati levies at 2.1% tax on the net profits of firms. If a company is moving to Cincinnati, or creating jobs in Cincinnati, they may be eligible for a job creation tax credit or a reimbursement.

Property Investment Reimbursement Agreement

The City of Cincinnati may offer a Property Investment Reimbursement (PIR) incentive to a company that is considering expanding in or moving to Cincinnati.

Tax Increment Districts

Developers making a large-scale investment that requires substantial public improvements may be able to use tax increment financing (TIF) to offset a portion of those costs. The city has 21 tax increment districts and in some cases will create a TIF specific to a project.

Community Reinvestment Area

The Cincinnati Public Schools, Hamilton County, and the City levy a property tax to meet a wide variety of local service needs. If a company is making an investment that will result in a substantial change to its property tax obligation, and they are creating jobs, they may be eligible for a property tax abatement.



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