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Mt. Airy Is “On the Move”

Former eyesore finally demolished as community moves forward with their redevelopment plan

Cincinnati, OH – This afternoon in Mt. Airy bricks were flying as the long awaited demolition of the former Klostermans Dry Cleaners happened. Much to the delight of a small group of community representatives, the track hoe knocked down the first bricks symbolizing progress in this neighborhood. Vice Mayor David Mann said, “It is important to remove blight and reclaim our neighborhood business districts. The Mt. Airy community has an exciting revitalization plan and today is the first physical step in implementing that action plan. ”

In 2013 Mt. Airy participated in the Neighborhood Enhancement Program and today’s demolition is an outgrowth of those efforts. The Mt Airy Redevelopment Strategy was developed by representatives of Mt. Airy Community Urban Redevelopment Enterprise (C.U.R.E.), the City of Cincinnati and CR Architects. It calls for four phases of redevelopment:

Phase 1 – Centralized Parking / Gathering
The demolition of the Klosterman’s Dry Cleaners opens the opportunity for much needed parking / central gathering space. By providing visible, accessible and safe parking, the passing motorists will be encouraged to stop and visit the shops and businesses.

Phase 2 – Street Edge Improvements
While the existing structures in the business district are in good condition, there is an opportunity to update the facades and storefronts. Upgrading the facades allows property owners to attract the caliber of tenants the district desires.

Phase 3 – New Retail
Vacant and partially vacant properties allow the greatest opportunity for redevelopment in the business district. New retail can bring the needed cohesiveness to the district.

Phase 4 – Additional Retail
As the district grows through the process of redevelopment it will add to the greater sense of community and add value to the surrounding commercial and residential properties.

Corless Roper, President of Mt. Airy C.U.R.E. said, “This is an exciting opportunity for Mt. Airy to rebrand and market itself in a new light, focusing on a safe and clean community that will draw our diverse neighborhood together, and eventually attract new businesses as we achieve the phases in our plan. Moving forward, we will creatively launch a campaign to raise funds in order to make our dream a reality, knowing that Mt. Airy is “On the Move!”



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