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Neighborhood Business District Support Fund (NBDSF)

As our neighborhood business districts are the economic, social, and entertainment hubs of our neighborhoods, the program provides funds to each of Cincinnati's 34 recognized business districts. Some examples of how NBDs have used money in the past include:

NBD Promotional Activities - Including marketing campaigns, brochures, NBD maps, or community activities/events to benefit the business district.

Physical Improvements - Including landscaping, flower pots, or other smaller-scale improvements and replacements.

Organizational Development - Including leadership development, volunteer recruitement, capital assets for community benefit, etc.

Collaboration between NBDs and Community Councils

To learn more, please see the Program Guidelines.

The 2016 Funding Year is now OPEN.

Under the fiscal year 2016 budget, Cincinnati City Council appropriated $4,530 for each business district. To receive funds, each eliglible neighborhood business district must fill out the application kit below.

Project Forms

Submitting a Proposal: Please complete ALL forms in this Proposal Forms Packet and then mail to: City of Cincinnati, Communty & Economic Developent, 805 Central Avenue, Suite 700, Cincinnati OH 45202.

After Submitting a Proposal:  You will be scheduled to make a short presentation at the next CNBDU meeting. While the City administers and provides funding for the program, CNBDU reviews and recommends proposals for funding. CNBDU is a coalition of volunteer business owners representing approximately 34 business districts in the City of Cincinnati and serves as the City's advisory group on neighborhood business district development.

Once Projects are Finished: Closing out your NBD Projects involves two steps. First, fill out the Final Report Form. Second, you will send all documentation for how funds were spent (including invoices, canceled checks, or other supporting documentation) to the City. Please group all documentation by project. Download and complete this Invoice and attach it as the cover sheet. If you received funds upfront, you will still show documentation of how funds were spent, but do not need to fill out the invoice.

Program Training

If you are new to the program, you can find training material here.

Liability Insurance

Each organization applying for NBDSF funds needs to show proof of insurance that meets the City's insurance requirements here. Please send a Certificate of Liability Insurance to the Program Manager with your proposal. If you plan to purchase the required insurance coverage using NBDSF funds, please alert the Program Manager.


Please see the Proposal Forms Packet for the program's deadlines and schedule.


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