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Community Reinvestment Area

the City of Cincinnati may offer a property tax abatement to a company that is considering building or renovating a commercial facility. The size of an abatement varies between projects and depends upon the taxable value of the improvements that are made to a property.How does a LEED CRA work?

How does a CRA work?

Suppose an investor enters into an agreement with the City to invest $1 million to renovate a commercial property. In this case, the abatement is for 75% of the new value for a 12-year term.

Market value of new investment
$1 million
Assessed value of investment
Commercial property tax rate

Property tax on new investment
Annual abatement
Total abatement


The maximum abatement, net of a payment to the school district, is 75% of the new taxable value. The maximum term on a renovation project is 12 years; for new construction it is 15 years.

Eligible Projects

  • Projects that result in at least $40,000 in investment.
  • Projects that result in net, new job creation.
  • The investor must demonstrate that the incentive is a major factor in its decision to expand or locate in Cincinnati.
  • The City also offers abatements for investors that achieve a minimum of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification through the U.S. Green Building Council.
  • The project cannot begin prior to the execution of the CRA agreement.


The State of Ohio charges a $750 application fee and an annual fee of one percent
of the value of the abatement (minimum $500/maximum $2,500).

How do I learn more?

Contact the Economic Development Division at 513.352.2435 or

Download the Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Flyer.

Tax Abatement Application

Initial Application for Commercial Tax Exemption
This application is to be completed by any company interested in a commercial tax abatement through the City of Cincinnati. Your application must be approved by the city and an agreement excuted by the company and the city prior to beginning construction.

Subsequent Application upon Project Completion
This form is required to be submitted upon project completion. The tax abatement will take effect after review and processing of this application.

CRA Annual Reports

Annual Status Report
This form is required to be submitted each year by existing tax abatement recipients. It must be submitted by March 5th of each year during the tax abatement period.

Instructions for completing Annual Status Report

Identifying Abatement Value and Calculating Foregone Taxes and the City’s Annual Fee



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