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In today's economy companies are always looking at ways to grow responsibly. With each day the business world becomes more and more global, and these companies have the potential to expand and/or relocate anywhere in the world. For this reason, the City of Cincinnati has made it a top priority to focus on retaining existing businesses and ensuring their growth.

Economic Development puts much emphasis on and significant effort in retaining, assisting, and growing companies currently located in Cincinnati. To accomplish this, we have begun to proactively set up one-on-one onsite company visits. We want to help businesses in Cincinnati connect with the City and with neighborhood resources. Another goal of our onsite visits is simply to get to know our business owners and management teams, and to thank them for locating their businesses in Cincinnati. We cannot say this enough, especially in today's economic climate.

Goals for City of Cincinnati Expansion / Retention site visits:

  • Build relationships
  • Gain insight into business climates
  • Identify opportunities for Economic Development to help businesses thrive

If you are a business in the City of Cincinnati that would like to schedule a retention or expansion visit, please email us and one of our development officers will be available to assist you.




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