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Real Estate Redevelopment Services

The City’s Economic Development Division (EDD) is working to eliminate blight and brownfields in our high-growth corridors by focusing staff and financial resources to facilitate real estate redevelopment projects. The Growth + Opportunities (GO) Cincinnati Study advocates the goal of increasing City of Cincinnati tax revenues through targeted economic development, workforce development, and transportation enhancement strategies.

To achieve Cincinnati’s full redevelopment potential given existing resources, the study identifies six areas in the City as Growth Opportunity Areas (GOAs):

Growth Opportunity Focus Areas (GOAs)

South Mill Creek Sam Stephens
(513) 352-6251
Seymour / Reading Greg Koehler (513) 352-1596
Madison Road Dan Bower
(513) 352-4638
Over-the-Rhine Stephen Dronen
(513) 352-6126
Central Business District     Stephen Dronen
(513) 352-6126
Uptown Markiea Carter
(513) 352-1932


Grants and Assistance
Over the last decade, EDD and DCD have implemented hundreds of acres worth of complex, urban real estate (redevelopment) projects. Cincinnati can help you with your redevelopment project by:

Here you can find additional information on GO Cincinnati.



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